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Chemical and Pharmaceutical Applications


All-Electric Pressure Washers Clean Chemical Plants without Contaminating the Air

For over 30 years, Sioux Corporation has been the industry leader in manufacturing heavy-duty, extremely dependable all-electric hot water pressure washers and steam cleaners. Rather than using a conventional oil or gas fired burner, these machines heat the water using electricity. Sioux’s line of 100% All-Electric hot water pressure washers and steam cleaners are being used in chemical and pharmaceutical plants world-wide.



  • These units have fewer moving parts and contain a conservatively designed heating element, providing the highest reliability and trouble-free operation of any design. 
  • These cleaners are excellent for general plant maintenance and sterilization.  
  • E-Series.jpgSince there is no burner, All-Electric units emit no contaminants into the surrounding air and comply with the Clean Air Act
  • Explosion-Proof models for use in hazardous (combustible) atmospheres are available.  
  • Units are designed for indoor or outdoor use.  
  • They require no preheating or recovery time, making hot water available immediately.  
  • For optimal cleaning efficiency, the discharge temperature is maintained continuously.  
  • Sioux offers over 45 models of All-Electric steam cleaners, hot water pressure washers and combination units, all with many standard options available.  
  • Standard ratings for steam cleaners range from 0.6 - 3.8 GPM (2.27 - 14.38 LPM) at 100 PSI (6.9 BAR). For hot water pressure washers, the ratings range from 2.3 - 5.7 GPM )8.7 - 21.6 LPM), 600 - 3000 PSI (41.4 - 206.85 BAR).


Conventional Steam Cleaners and Pressure Washers for General Maintenance

Sioux manufactures a line of fuel-fired steam cleaners and hot water pressure washers for cleaning plant facilities, production machinery and plant equipment. These models remove grease, oil, dust and grime quickly and easily.

  • Ideal for maintaining buildings, vehicles and grounds.
  • Available as self contained units with integrated hot water pressure washer or steam cleaner, gasoline or diesel engine, and water tank on a heavy-duty skid or over-the-road trailer.
  • Excellent for cleaning at remote locations where there is no water, fuel, or electrical source.
  • Sioux features steam cleaners that use 320°F (160°C) pressurized water flashing to steam and pressure washers that use 200°F (93.3°C) hot water.
  • Combination units are also available which provide steam cleaning, hot water pressure washing,
    and cold pressure rinse in one compact unit.


cold water washer- two wheel cart mounted.jpg


Cold Pressure Washers Utilize In-House Hot Water to Clean Pharmaceutical Facilities

Sioux Corporation also offers an extensive line of electrically driven cold water pressure washers for general cleaning of chemical and pharmaceutical facilities. With the proper components, Sioux washers can use your in-house hot water to provide hot, high pressure water for cleaning walls, floors, equipment, and processing areas (consult factory).

  • Ratings range from 3 - 24 GPM (11.4 - 90.84 LPM) and 1000 - 6,000 PSI (69 - 413.7 BAR).
  • Explosion proof models are available for hazardous (combustible) area applications.




Steam-Flo® Steam Generators Provide Low Pressure Steam for Heating Applications

SF-20 Stainless Wrap.jpg

  • Sioux's line of Steam-Flo® steam generators provide an excellent source of steam that can be utilized to heat mixers that have a built-in steam jacket.
  • Steam-Flo® can be located in a permanent location or is available in a skid mount version that can be moved throughout the plant.
  • Steam-Flo® can be used to heat transport trailers or railroad cars. A self-contained version is available that can be transported to various locations and plumbed to heating coils. A steam hose allows the low pressure steam to heat the material to the desired temperature, reducing waste.
  • Steam-Flo® provides up to 15 PSI (1.03 BAR) steam, and does not require a licensed operator in most areas, reducing insurance costs compared with high pressure boilers.
  • Utility requirements - 15 Amp service on 115 Volt (60 Hertz) or 220 Volt (50 Hertz), standard garden hose for water supply, diesel fuel, LP gas, or natural gas fuel source.  
  • Sioux’s LowNox Steam-Flo® meets California’s South Coast Air Quality standards!
  • Built to ASME and National Board Registered.

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