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Sioux Corporation
Address One Sioux Plaza Toll Free 1.888.763.8833
Beresford SD 57004 Phone 1.605.763.3333
United States Fax 1.605.763.3334

(Please Note: Sioux strives to provide the best possible customer service. If you send an email to Sioux and you do not hear back within a 24 hour business day, please call us as your email may have ended up in a spam filter.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.)

Sales and Marketing Manager
Jesse Hanssen
Sales & Marketing Manager
  Contact Jesse Hanssen  
Phone:   605-763-4031
Toll Free:   888-763-8833
Fax:   605-763-3334
Inside Sales
Mike Wiebers
Market Segment Manager
  Contact Mike Wiebers  
Phone:   605-763-4028
Toll Free:   888-763-4028
Fax:   605-763-3334

On and Offshore Petroleum, Marine, Petro Refining, and Government.

Dave Sternquist
Market Segment Manager
  Contact Dave Sternquist  
Phone:   605-763-4032
Toll Free:   877-763-4032
Fax:   605-763-3334

Ready Mix and Precast Concrete, and Construction.

Andrew Jorgensen
Market Segment Manager
  Contact Andrew Jorgensen  
Phone:   605-763-4039
Toll Free:   877-763-4039
Fax:   605-763-3334

Mining, Utilities, and Transportation.
Chris Wheeler
Market Segment Manager
  Contact Chris Wheeler  
Phone:   605-763-4011
Toll Free:   888-763-4011
Fax:   605-764-3334

Manufacturing, Agriculture, Food & Beverage, Greenhouse, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Grounds & Facilities. 
Outside Sales
David Nelson
Regional Manager - International Sales (excluding Canada & Latin America)
  Contact David Nelson  
Phone:   605-763-4029
Fax:   605-763-3334
Alfonso Espinoza
Regional Manager- Latin America
  Contact Alfonso Espinoza  
Phone:   01-800-874-4710
Fax:   011 52(81)8370 4736
Tara Schmidt
Regional Manager - Eastern US & Canada
  Contact Tara Schmidt  
Phone:   605-763-4020
Fax:   605-763-3334
Travis Fritz
Regional Manager - Western US
  Contact Travis Fritz  
Phone:   605-763-4015
Fax:   605-763-3334

Angie Saugstad
Parts & Customer Service Manager
  Contact Angie Saugstad  
Phone:   605-763-4036
Toll Free:   877-440-7700
Fax:   605-763-3334
Roxy Johnson
Parts Specialist
  Contact Roxy Johnson  
Phone:   605-763-4017
Toll Free:   877-440-7700
Fax:   605-763-3334
Shelby Docken
Service Manager
  Contact Shelby Docken  
Phone:   605-763-4034
Toll Free:   877-440-7700
Fax:   605-763-3334
Jessica Johnson
Marketing Manager
  Contact Jessica Johnson  
Phone:   605-763-4014
Toll Free:   888-763-8833
Fax:   605-763-3334
Human Resources
Teresa Heldt
Human Resources Manager
  Contact Teresa Heldt  
Phone:   605-763-4024
Fax:   605-763-3334