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Custom Equipment Capabilities

Custom application-specific equipment is Sioux's specialty.
Sioux is well-known for its capability to design and build custom equipment, and has one of the highest ratios of engineering staff to total staff in the industry. In addition, specialized options can be added to the unit to meet your specific needs. Some of these include trailer or portable mountings, nearly any voltage for overseas applications, water tanks, explosion-proof electricals, stainless steel or galvanized frames, gas or diesel engines and generators, lights, alterations for severe temperataure or altitudes, custom sizes, and more!

• Industrial steam cleaners and pressure washers
• Industrial water heaters and chillers and solution heaters
• Steam generators

• Wire and pipe cleaners

Sioux has manufactured equipment designed to operate in deserts, offshore oil platforms, mountaintops, jungles and arctic tundra. For 70 years, Sioux has supplied a wide range of standard and custom products to varied industries throughout the world, including petroleum and oil refining, ready mix and precast concrete, governments, wastewater treatment plants, manufacturing plants, chemical and pharmaceutical processing plants, mining operations, and greenhouses, among many others. Examples of products that Sioux has recently custom designed for specific applications include:

• Custom Aircraft Washers
• Custom  Water and Solution Heaters
• Diving Heaters

Custom Options Available:

• Voltages of 120, 208, 240, 380, 415, 575 and many others

• Trailer mounted machines
• 50 & 60 Hz
• 1 or 3 Phase
• Water tanks
• Explosion-Proof Machines
• Stainless Steel Frames
• Stainless Steel Heating Coils
• Galvanized Frames
• High Altitude Designs
• Low Temperature Designs
• Gas Engines
• Diesel Engines
• Generators
• Lights
• Custom Dimensions and Frames
• and More!




Click here for Custom Capabilities Brochure