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Custom Equipment Capabilities

Custom application-specific equipment is Sioux's specialty.
Specialized options can be added to create a unit built to meet your specific needs. Some of these include trailer or portable mountings, nearly any voltage for overseas applications, water tanks, explosion-proof electricals, stainless steel or galvanized frames, gas or diesel engines and generators, lights, alterations for severe temperature or altitudes, custom sizes, and more!

• Industrial steam cleaners and pressure washers
• Industrial water heaters and chillers and solution heaters
• Steam generators

• Wire and pipe cleaners

Sioux has manufactured equipment designed to operate in deserts, offshore oil platforms, mountaintops, jungles and arctic tundra. For over 75 years, Sioux has supplied a wide range of standard and custom products to varied industries throughout the world. Examples of products that Sioux has recently custom designed for specific applications include:

• Custom Aircraft Washers
• Custom  Water and Solution Heaters
• Diving Heaters

Custom Options Available:

• Voltages of 120, 208, 240, 380, 415, 575 and many others

• Trailer mounted machines
• 50 & 60 Hz
• 1 or 3 Phase
• Water tanks
• Explosion-Proof Machines
• Stainless Steel Frames
• Stainless Steel Heating Coils
• Galvanized Frames
• High Altitude Designs
• Low Temperature Designs
• Gas Engines
• Diesel Engines
• Generators
• Lights
• Custom Dimensions and Frames
• and More!




Click here for Custom Capabilities Brochure