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Soil Sterilization with Steam

Steam-Flo with greenhouse.jpgSteam-Flo® Sterilizes Soil  

Since methyl bromide and other pesticides and herbicides are being phased out and now require special permits to use, growers are seeking a safe and effective alternative to control disease pathogens, nematodes, insects and weeds.

The Sioux Steam-Flo® allows you to grow healthy, disease-free and insect-free plants that produce higher yields of vegetables and flowers in less time and that reach the market sooner and command quick sales.

  • Sterilize soil in greenhouses and nurseries.trailer mounted Steam Flo
  • Excellent for sterilizing potting soil, bench soil, propagating sand, ground beds inside the greenhouse, as well as pots, flats and benches.
  • Produce 370 - 1,725 Lbs/Hr (167.83 - 782 Kgs/Hr) of dry steam, and produce quality steam in only 15 - 20 minutes from a cold start.
  • After initial startup, steam is available continuously for unlimited periods of time.
  • Available as a mobile, portable steam source, or can be stationary mounted. Mountings are available with two-wheel non-highway or over-the-road trailers, and can be supplied with a water tank and gas or diesel generator for a completely self-contained unit.
  • The SF-11 can sterilize a 5’ x 50’ (1.52m x 15.24m) bench in about two hours while the SF-20 or SF-25 can sterilize a 5’ x 100’ (1.52m x 30.48m) bench in about the same amount of time.
  • greenhouse.jpgSimple to operate.
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Constructed of 1/4” (.635cm) or 3/8” (.953cm) plate steel with brass and black iron fittings.
  • Safety features include an ASME approved steam pressure relief valve, pressure control and automatic water feeder. The Sioux Steam-Flo is built to Section IV of the ASME code and is National Board registered. 
  • Sioux’s LowNox Steam-Flo® meets California’s South Coast Air Quality standards!

Just level the Steam-Flo with provided supplies, attach a garden hose, fill the fuel tank and connect an electrical source. If you need extra heat for short periods of time, you can easily connect the Sioux Steam-Flo to a steam line for perimeter heat in hotbeds or plastic houses.




" We worked with Sioux Corporation to purchase a SF-50 Steam-Flow Generator.  Everything about using steam was new to us, so we appreciated the time they spent teaching us about the process before jumping in.  We were invited to tour their manufacturing facility, and were impressed by the quality of their product. I have no doubt we will work with them again as we consider another boiler for one of our other locations" 


Ken Holz

Bailey Nurseries 


Click here to read how Martha Stewart uses a Sioux Steam-Flo in her gardens! 


Pressure Washers Clean Equipment and Grounds

Sioux fuel fired pressure washers and steam cleaners are ideal to clean and maintain nurseries and greenhouses. Combination units feature steam, hot pressure wash and cold pressure rinse in one compact unit.

  • Steam is excellent for cleaning oil, grease, and grime off motors, tractors, flatbeds, and engines.
  • Hot pressure wash cuts through dried-on mud, dirt and films.
  • Cold pressure is great for washing away dirt, and cleaning walkways, buildings and vehicles.
  • Available in either oil, LP or natural gas fired.
  • Sioux will customize any standard unit to fit your exact application. Choose from options that include trailer mounting, generators, water tanks, and alternate electricals - including 50 Hz.    


Call Sioux when you need equipment built specifically for you!


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