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HazMat & Decontamination Applications

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All-Electrics for Hazardous Use Areas  

Sioux’s All-Electric high pressure hot water washers, steam cleaners and combination cleaners are ideal for indoor/outdoor use, and in hazardous environments. Unlike fuel-fired machines, Sioux’s All-Electric line uses no flame and produces no fumes, or exhaust. This makes our cleaners well suited for indoor applications and enclosed spaces where air quality is a concern.
  • Sioux’s entire line of All-Electric steam cleaners are ETL listed, providing third-party certification to UL-1776 standard, “High Pressure Cleaning Machines”; and the Canadian Standards Association CSA C-22.2 No. 68-92 standard, “Motor-Operated Appliances, Commercial.” This equipment meets the U. S. and Canadian National Electric Codes and complies with OSHA Regulation 1910.303(a).EN-240-H8-1200-XP-.jpg
  • All-Electric models (hot water pressure washers, steam cleaners, combination cleaners and cold water washers) can be built to explosion-proof specifications. Explosion-proof units are designed for use in hazardous and potentially volatile environments where safety is critical.
  • In addition to meeting the All-Electric standards above, Sioux explosion-proof models are also ETL certified to UL-1203(Explosion-Proof and Dust Ignition-Proof Electrical Equipment for use in Hazardous (Classified) Locations) and Canadian CSA C-22.2 No. 30-92.


Decontamination:   trailer mounted SF.jpg

In 1944, the Golden Nematode Act was passed to protect the nation’s potato industry from devastation. One provision of the act is to prevent the spread of Golden Nematodes to non-infested farms and states. With the phase out of Methyl Bromide, alternative methods of decontaminating infested equipment are needed. To do this the USDA has designed a tent into which they put the equipment to be sterilized. Steam from the SF-20 GTTM is then fed into the tent until the temperature inside the tent reaches 140°F (60°C) and held there for 1-2 hours.Visit our Sioux Steam-Flo® page for more information.





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