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Manufacturing Applications

Sioux-Dakota-Series-II.pngConventional Steam Cleaners and Pressure Washers for General Maintenance

Sioux’s high quality steam cleaners and pressure washers are ideal for dissolving grease, oil, dirt and grime from production machinery and plant equipment. They can also be used to clean buildings and vehicles, and are excellent for general plant and grounds maintenance.

  •  Available as self-contained units, featuring an integrated pressure washer or steam cleaner, water tank, and gasoline or diesel engine on a heavy-duty skid or over-the-road trailer.
  • Ideal for cleaning at remote locations where there is no water, fuel, or electrical source.
  • Combination units are also available which provide steam cleaning, hot pressure washing and cold pressure rinse in one compact unit.
  • All Sioux standard models are third-party certified to meet UL 1776 and CSA C22.2 No. 30-92.steel mill production photo
  • Sioux’s fuel-fired steam cleaners are rated from 1.7 - 8 GPM (6.43 - 30.28 LPM) at 250 PSI (17.24 BAR).
  • Hot pressure washers are rated at 2.2 - 10 GPM (8.33 - 37.85 LPM), 750 - 3,500 PSI (51.7 - 241.32 BAR).

All-Electric Washers Clean with No Air Contamination

Sioux manufactures a line of 100% All-Electric steam cleaners and pressure washers for maintaining plant facilities.
  • Sioux All-Electric units emit no contaminants into the surrounding air.
  • Ideal for indoor use, complying with the Clean Air Act.
  • They produce no flame, no exhaust and require no fossil fuel.
  • No preheating or recovery time.
  • Hot water is available instantly and continuously for unlimited periods of time.
  • Explosion-proof models are available for hazardous locations.
  • Like Sioux’s fuel-fired units, the standard All-Electric machines are third-party certified to UL 1776 and CSA C22.2 No. 30-92.
  • Explosion-proof models are also certified to UL 1203 and CSA C22.2 No. 30-92.
  • Sioux offers over 45 models of All-Electric steam cleaners, pressure washers and combination units.
  • Steam cleaners are rated at 0.6 - 3.8 GPM (2.27 - 14.4 LPM) at 100 PSI (6.9 BAR).
  • All-Electric pressure washers are rated at 2.3 - 5.7 GPM (8.71 - 21.6 LPM), 600 - 3,000 PSI (41.37 - 260.85 BAR).    

Cold Pressure Washers use In-House Hot Water

Sioux also offers a complete line of cold water pressure washers for general cleaning. With the proper components, Sioux cold pressure washers can use your in-house hot water to provide high-pressure hot water for cleaning walls, floors, equipment and production areas (consult factory).
  • This can be a cost effective alternative to purchasing a special hot water unit.   
  • Cold pressure washing is also excellent for cleaning grounds and vehicles.
  • Ratings are 2 - 24 GPM (7.57 - 90.84 LPM), 500 - 6000 PSI (34.5 - 413.7 BAR).

Sioux SafeSteam™- Use your existing steam lines

If your plant is plumbed with 80-150 PSI (5.5 - 10.34 BAR) steam lines, here’s an innovative way to use that steam for cleaning purposes. We’ve developed a steam cleaner that has many benefits over conventional steam cleaSioux SafeSteamners because it taps into your existing steam lines; so it doesn’t need its own burner.

SafeSteam Means No Fire, No Vents, No Stacks And A Safer Work Environment
The Walter’s SafeSteam Cleaner transforms your plant steam (which by itself is too dry to be effective for steam cleaning) by scientifically blending proper amounts of water. It uses a specially designed electric pump, industrial cleaning agents and our proprietary SteamGun™ gun to generate a readily available source of steam for your cleaning and sterilization applications. Since no burner is required, you avoid messy and dangerous fuels. There is no exhaust to worry about, so you can use it indoors without special venting.

SafeSteam Saves You Money And Time
SafeSteam is always instantly ready. Operators just pick up the gun and go to work. SafeSteam is easy for your internal maintenance team to maintain. No dealer or costly service contracts are required. Not only is it cheap to hook up and operate, it’s cheap to buy. Because of its simple, streamlined design, it’s at least $1,000 less expensive than conventional steam cleaners.

SafeSteam Can Be Used For:
  • Paint preparation
  • Sterilizing
  • Cleaning of delicate equipment and sensitive parts
  • Cutting through heavy grease
  • …in fact, just about anywhere inside or outside your facility where you need the power of steam to handle tough cleaning jobs and want to avoid pressure washer mess and splash-back.