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Paper, Logging and Forestry Applications

Applications for pressure washers in the paper, logging and forestry businesses

Whether it's in the maintenance shop, on the logging road, in the timber stand, in the sawmill, or in the paper-making operation, pressure washers are a vital part in the success of each phase in pulp and paper industries.


Saw mills can use pressure washers to blow off rock and sand which in turn can save on replacing expensive blades. Using pressure washers in timber stands to clean chain saws is also common. Clean saws also cut more efficiently and allow easier safety and maintenance inspections.


Pressure washers are also used for preventative maintenance and repair. They are excellent when used to strip grease off equipment so that mechanics can see where the problems are and then complete the work. Preventative maintenance is the key in keeping sawmill and logging equipment running. Getting a start on fixing cracks and leaks before they get too big can add years to the life of machinery.

Other applications may include cleaning dirt, grime, dust, oil, grease, resins, bleaches and chemicals off of rolls, filters, forklifts, balers, conveyors, and other machinery. Keeping equipment clean can reduce downtime for all boilers, evaporator concentrators, bleaching towers, pulp drain lines, wire pitts, and dryer belts. Even log truckers can make great use of a pressure washer by keeping their rigs clean.



Options for pressure washer and steam cleaner models include:

  • Fuel-Fired models (Oil, LP or Natural Gas) 
  • All-Electric models (electrically fired and electrically driven).

Custom options include:

  • alternate electricals
  • water tanks
  • stainless steel frames and heating coils
  • gas engines
  • diesel engines
  • generators
  • custom dimensions
  • custom mountings
  • and many more!




Steam-Flo Steam ® Generators Provide Low Pressure Steam for Heating Applications

  • Sioux's line of Steam-Flo® steam generators provide an excellent source of steam that can be utilized to heat kiln or other mixers that have a built-in steam jacket.
  • Steam-Flo® can be located in a permanent location or is available in a skid mount version that can be moved to various locations.
  • Steam-Flo® provides up to 15 PSI (1.03 BAR) steam, and does not require a licensed operator in most areas, reducing insurance costs compared with high pressure boilers.
  • Utility requirements - 15 Amp service on 115 Volt (60 Hertz) or 220 Volt (50 Hertz), standard garden hose for water supply, diesel fuel, LP gas, or natural gas fuel source. 
  • Sioux’s LowNox Steam-Flo® meets California’s South Coast Air Quality standards!





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