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Railcar & Tank Car Heating


Railcar heating or tank car heating is a necessary task for unloading or 

IMG_4773--.jpgtransloading railcars.This is a year round problem as many liquids need  to be heated to a specific temperature to be able to efficiently unload them such as oil, caustic soda, corn syrup, molasses, urea for DEF, etc. As the temperature gets colder a wider range of liquids and chemicals are affected and need to be heated in order to unload them.


The recommended method by railcar providers for this process is to use a low pressure steam generator. Sioux has been designing and building low pressure steam generators since 1939. Sioux units are rugged, compact, and easy to operate. Sioux offers many different mounting options along with the capability for customization

upon request. 


 Steam-Flo® Steam Generator for the Rail Industry

    The Sioux Steam-Flo®  is excellent for railcar thawing and railcar heating to unload crude oil, fats, or any other substance that might freeze during transportation and is ideal for degassing petroleum tank cars prior to welding and repair.  rail car heating

  • Produces 370-1,725 lbs. (167.8-782 kg) per hour of saturated steam in minutes. 
  • The Steam-Flo® provides continuous, unlimited steam. 
  • Simple 2 position switch operation.
  • Easy to maintain and built to last. 
  • The vessel is registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, meets requirements of CSD-1 of the ASME Code, and is built to Section IV of the ASME code. 
  • Sioux’s LowNox Steam-Flo® meets California’s South Coast Air Quality standards!
steam generator for railcar heatingCustom Options Available for Your Specific Need

Sioux offers a variety of custom options including customer specified components, electrical system or setup, self-contained units, and open or enclosed trailer packages. Sioux can build these custom packages to accommodate your exact needs, so you can rest assured you will have the right equipment on site at your remote location. Sioux trailers, like all Sioux equipment, are built to last a lifetime with the highest quality materials available. Sioux trailers are industrial grade and made of structural steel tubing and channel iron. Solid steel construction gives the trailer structural support and increases the durability over the life of the equipment.

  • Mounting options include portable, stationary, or over-the-road trailer.
  • The unit can be outfitted with an optional water tank and generator for completely self-contained operation on an open trailer or totally enclosed insulated trailer. 


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Rail Car Heating Brochure Rail Car Heating Brochure



Steam-Flo BrochureSteam-Flo Brochure 



Condensate Return System Condensate Return System