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Restaurant Cleaners

The Sioux Restaurant Cleaner is a 100% electric (no burner or fuel required) pressure washer designed specifically for cleaning the interiors and exteriors of food related businesses. This system is ideal for fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and meat packaging and processing facilities.


The Sioux Restaurant Cleaner uses your current hot water supply at a low flow rate of 0.6 gallons per minute (2.3 LPM) for steam and 1.1 gallons per minute (4.2 LPM) for hot water pressure wash. The unit produces a discharge pressure of 1500 psi (103.4 BAR). The 310°F (154°C) steam option allows the operator to sanitize surfaces and to thoroughly remove oil, grease, fats and other substances from a variety of surfaces.


This system can be used to clean:

     • Exhaust filters

  • Floors &  Rubber Mats

  • Exterior Building & Awnings

     • Dumpsters

  • Bathrooms

  • Drive-Thru Areas

     • Grease Traps

  • Walls & Tables

  • Kitchens & Equipment

     • Sewers

  • Vehicles

  • Sidewalks & Entrances

     • Tile & Grout
  • Wooden or Vinyl Decking
  • Outdoor Seating Areas





Click here for Restaurant Cleaner Brochure