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Surface Mining

Fuel-Fired and All- Electric Hot Water Pressure Washers Are Ideal For Mining Applications

SHPIM0282.jpgioux Corporation is the world-wide leader in manufacturing a full line of application-specific fuel fired and all-electric pressure washers, steam cleaners and combination units that are ideal for use in mining operations. For thirty years Sioux has been the leader in providing high-pressure cleaners to this industry, which can be easily and safely used in underground and open pit mines to clean dirt, oil, grease and grime off:  

• mining drills

• loaders

• walkways

• excavators
• crawlers • trucks
• cats • conveyors
• graders • and more...



    • H4D2000-.pngSioux's Dakota II line of fuel-fired steam cleaners, pressure washers, and combination units are available with electric motors and diesel, natural gas, or LP fired burners.
    • Efficient fuel-fired units offer portability for remote locations.
    • Fuel-fired units are ideal for maintenance shops, cleaning equipment, and general maintenance.
    • Fuel-fired units are available as self-contained units with an integrated pressure washer, water tank, and gasoline or diesel engine on a heavy-duty skid or over the road trailer- excellent for locations where there is no water, fuel, or electrical source.
    • Sioux's fuel-fired units have ratings of 1.2 - 8 GPM (4.5 - 30 LPM) Steam @ 250 PSI (17.2 BAR), 320°F (160°C) and 1.8 - 10 GPM (6.8 - 38 LPM) Hot Water @ 600 - 5,000 PSI (41.4-345 BAR), 200°F (93°C).        

    All- Electrics with Explosion-Proof Option  

    • Sioux’s line of all-electric pressure washers and steam cleaners heat the cleaning water with electricity, rather than from oil-fired or gas-fired burners. These machines use no fossil fuels and produce no flame or exhaust.EN-240-H8-1200-XP-.jpg
    • Heaters are fully-rated to the stated water flow, so storage tanks are not required, and water temperature is available instantly, and for unlimited time periods.
    • No water preheating or recovery time is needed.
    • Explosion-proof models are designed for hazardous locations. These washers are ideal for underground or indoor use, where air quality is a primary concern.
    • Skid, portable or trailer mounted units available.
    • Sioux offers over 45 models of all-electric steam cleaners, pressure washers and combination units with ratings of 0.6 – 5.75 GPM (2.27 - 21.76 LPM) and 250 – 5000 PSI (17.2 - 345 BAR).
    • All-electric pressure washers and steam cleaners are third party certified to UL-1776 and CSA C-22.2 No. 68-92. Explosion-proof models are additionally certified to UL-1203 and CSA 22.2 No. 30-92.Any All-electric unit can be built to explosion-proof standards to meet Class I, Class II, & Division 1 specifications. Please consult factory if CE, ATEX, or other international markings/certifications are required.
    • Alternate electricals are available for 50 Hz and any voltage used worldwide.

    Since 1939, Sioux has been an industry leader in building application-specific equipment for the most challenging cleaning problems. Sioux equipment is known throughout the industry for its heavy-duty components, rugged construction and durability, and for reliability in the most severe and demanding applications. Because it is specifically designed to be used at higher elevations, Sioux equipment is used at mines throughout the world.

    Cold Water Pressure Washers

    Only Sioux cold water pressure washers are designed for long life and continuous use in heavy-duty mining applications to blast away grime on crawlers, loaders, graders, haulers, and other equipment.

    • Ratings are 2 - 22 GPM (7.57 - 83.27 LPM) pressure wash and 500 - 5,000 PSI (34.5 -345 BAR).
    • All-electric and explosion-proof designs are available for hazardous applications.
    • Operation is simple and units provide reliable, trouble-free service.


    Steam-Flo Steam Generators SF-20 Steam Flo

    A source of low pressure steam for a variety of applications. The steam can be used to thaw aggregate, frozen vents, pipes, valves, and controls. The Steam-Flo® can be used to sterilized and sanitize equipment at mine sites to prevent any unwanted cross contamination.

    • Steam-Flo® provides up to 15 PSI (1.03 BAR) steam, and does not require a licensed operator in most areas, reducing insurance costs compared with high pressure boilers.
    • Utility requirements - 15 Amp service on 115 Volt (60 Hertz) or 220 Volt (50 Hertz), standard garden hose for water supply, diesel fuel, LP gas, or natural gas fuel source.



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