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Water Heaters

Sioux's water heaters are among the most efficient on the market today. Sioux water heaters provide instantaneous, continuous hot water supply, with no preheating and no recovery time needed. Operation is simple. A 100°F temperature rise can be reached in only 3-5 minutes (depending on unit rating). Outlet temperatures and flow rate can be held at precise levels. Water heaters are pre-plumbed and pre-wired for easy installation.  Oil, LP or natural gas burners are available; or a combination burner which will burn any of the above fuels.


Units are built to Section IV of ASME Code and are registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. All water heaters with the exception of the M-415 are third party approved to UL508A and CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 14-10, ensuring that the entire control panel assembly meets the UL and CSA standards. Canadian Registration Number (CRN).




Use this chart to determine which standard model/series of Sioux Water Heater is right for your application.

 For more detailed specifications on Sioux water heaters use the chart at the bottom of the page and click the arrow to the left for more information.



Pumping System

Storage Tank:


Hybrid Water Heaterhybrid water heater

The 98% true efficiency Hybrid is unlike any other heater on the market. The  Hybrid Heater maximizes the benefits of coil and direct-fired heating technologies, allowing it to reach high temperatures without producing steam and while maintaining high efficiency. This 3 or 6 million BTU/hr heater is designed specially for use with a storage tank.


3 or 6 Million BTU/hr (879-1758 KW) 

 Circulating and  discharge pump

 Recommended but not included

 m-1 water heaterM Series

Our most popular water heater model incorporates the same basic unit as the basic water heater, plus circulating pump to draw water from the customer's holding tank. This system is designed for applications where there is a need for a large quantity of water in a short time period.


 1-3 Million BTU/hr (293-879 KW)

 Circulating pump with optional discharge pump

 Is recommended to be operated with one but does not include one


HM1.7 Water Heater hm1.7 water heater

Building on the success and popularity of the Sioux M-Series Water Heaters, the HM1.7 continues the Sioux promise of simple operation and reliable equipment while providing enhancements requested by Sioux customers. This heater is designed to achieve tank temperatures of up to 190°F quickly and accurately. Additionally, the horizontal design makes service and maintenance a snap due to the easy burner access.


 1,700,000  BTU/hr (498KW) Discharge Pump
 Recommended but not included

HM5 Water Heater hm5 water heater
The HM5 is the latest addition to the Sioux HM series of Water Heaters. This water heater is designed to achieve tank temperatures of
200°F quickly with a true efficiency of 91%.  With an adjustable flow rate of 150 to 380 gallons per minute, this unit produces large volumes of hot water.






5,000,000  BTU/hr (1,465KW)





Discharge Pump





Recommended but not included

PWP Water HeaterPWP Series

Designed for applications such as precast, pipe, vault, prestress, or block operations, where hot water is needed on a constant basis, with a 225 gallon storage tank.

1 Million BTU/hr (293 KW)

 Circulating and discharge pump

 225 gallon
(851.5 liter)


HWP Water Heater

HWP Series

Ideal for remote locations or construction sites, such as dams or bridges. This series combines the rugged Sioux Water Heater/Pumping System of the M Series with a 1,000 gallon atmospherically-vented water tank.



 1-3 Million BTU/hr (293-879 KW)

 Circulating and 
discharge pump

 1,000 gallon
(3784 liter)

m415 water heaterM-415

Designed for use on Volumetric Mobile Mixers. The M-415 Water Heater can be mounted on the truck. Click on the link above for more information.



 415,000 BTU/hr (120 KW)      

 Not included

 Not included

D Seriesd series water heater

The most simple and compact of any Sioux water heater.  Incorporates the same basic unit as the M Series, but without the centrifugal pump.  Typically used for smaller volumes of water or direct feed. 

NOTE: Requires 60 PSI (4.14 BAR) or 12 GPM (45.4 LPM) of continuous water flow. 

1-3 Million BTU/hr (293-879 KW)

Not included-
60 PSI minimum inlet water pressure required

Not included 


Hybrid Brochure


 HM1.7 Water Heater Brochure


HM5 Water Heater Brochure 


M-415 Flyer 


Sioux Scale Control - Extend the Life of Your Equipment


 For more detailed specifications on Sioux water heaters use the chart below and click the arrow to the left for more information. Consult the Sioux factory for assistance with sizing a water heater to meet your needs.  



Model # Net Heat Output
BTU / Hr
Req. Input
BTU / Hr
115 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Hertz
D-1000 1,000,000 1,180,000 30 293
D-2000 2,000,000 2,360,000 60 586
D-3000 3,000,000 3,540,000 89 879
230-460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz
M-1 1,000,000 1,180,000 30 293
M-2 2,000,000 2,360,000 60 586
M-3 3,000,000 3,540,000 89 879
HWP-I 1,000,000 1,180,000 30 293
HWP-II 2,000,000 2,360,000 60 586
HWP-III 3,000,000 3,540,000 89 879
PWP-I 1,000,000 1,180,000 30 293
Hybrid 3,000,000 3,000,000 90 879
HM1.7 1,700,000 1,950,000 50



Sioux Descaler -

All water heating and hot water cleaning equipment is subject to lime scale build-up which can clog nozzles, reduce heating
efficiency and shorten the life of your machine. Sioux Descaler removes scale on systems with existing scale build-up.

Click here for Sioux Descaler Literature


Visit our Water Heater Preseason Checklist, Service page or FAQ page for information on troubleshooting some common water heater problems.  


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