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Weed Eradication


  • 320°F (160°C Steam is released through a low pressure nozzle (212°F (100°C) after discharge)
  • The high temperature melts the waxy surface of the plant's cells, prohibiting photosynthesis, immediately killing the plant.
  • The low pressure minimizes landscape and soil molecular disturbances.
  • The variables of application are limited to distance and time held upon the surface for efficacy of kill rate.
  • System has multiple applications throughout any organization, such as weed control, opening frozen valves and wintertime deicing without salt.
  • Units are currently in use in many locations, such as the City of Denver (CO) Parks and Recreation and the Ventura County (CA) School District.


  • Can be used around bodies of water, public areas and historical sites with no risk of chemical exposure
  • Steam will not alter the soil chemical makeup or be retained in a half-life form
  • Application can occur any time of the year, under any situation in all terrain
  • One investment in a piece of equipment replaces annual purchases of herbicides
  • This mirrors the intent of GSA's "Best Use, Best Value" and Executive Order 13101, The Greening of America. Call for Quote



The intended commercial application of this unit is to quickly kill weeds in parking lots, sidewalks, rock landscaping, and elsewhere. The owner of this yard wanted to create a barrier between his yard and a vacant weed-covered lot. This picture shows the results after only 24 hours. All growth was eliminated in four passes.





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