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What Our Customers Say

We currently use a Sioux Dakota Series Steam Cleaner to clean and dissolve grease on the equipment in our food processing facility. Previously we used scrapers to clean the equipment by hand. Using the Sioux Steam Cleaner has decreased the amount of time we have to spend cleaning by 30-40%!

J. Zulinke

North Carolina

"We use our Sioux pressure washers and steam cleaners to clean engines and truck units. Previously we used competitive models but switched to Sioux because the product is durable and in site we have 24 hour work days. We recommend Sioux Products."

PT Trakindo Utama (Caterpillar Indonesia)

Jakarta, Indonesia
"We currently use 22 Sioux Water Heaters throughout the United States. We have had great success with them, especially on recovery times. We have been very satisfied with the Sioux line of heaters."

Kevin Jackson

We use a Sioux Steam-Flo for thawing frozen underground drain pipes. The quality of the Steam-Flo is far superior to other products we looked into.  We are able to completely clear pipes from 12" to 60" diameter in a fraction of the time it took with our old method.  The equipment has exceeded our expectations.

Livingston County Highway Department

Mt. Morris, NY
"We have increased our profit margin on each curing job we do by 32%, and we can cure more than double the amount of liner at one time. Using the ambient curing method we used to use, we could only cure about 200 feet of liner at a time. With the Sioux Steam-Flo  we have cured liners up to 469ft. in length at one time. It used to take use 2-3 days to get everything ready and to do the curing. With the Steam-Flo the average time it takes to cure most liners is about an hour. Everything works just like it was explained to me over the phone. Our experience with Sioux has been great." 

Josh Frankie

South Dakota

“We own two Sioux Steam-Flo Steam Generators.  The versatility of these units and required set up time are perfect for us. We use these primarily for facility shutdown use for steaming process vessels for entry. We have less prep work now, and overall, we have saved time and money. They have been maintenance free units for us so far.”


Oil Customer

"I can't say enough good about the Sioux products. They are reliable and have 99% uptime . Less than 1% downtime, lowering my maintenance and servicing costs was not only significant due to easier use and better components, but it was the new revenue of $50,000 a day that I could generate during the winter that was exciting. Easily, my reliability cost savings and new revenue opportunities with the Sioux products is 50-60% more."

Brad Chatterton

“Our Sioux machine is perfect  and allows us to operate more effectively. The machine is able to run for more hours than previous machines we have owned and we have not had a single breakdown. I recommend Sioux for any industry.”

Mining Equipment Cleaning Contractor

“We purchased an E2.4HS1200 and are now able to clean steam turbine rotors in less than half the time than with our previous, manual, method.  The steam works perfectly without any chemicals,  and since the unit is 100% all electric, there are no fumes or flames causing air contamination in or around the plant. We are very satisfied with our Sioux Equipment.”

Southern California Edison

"We are a rental company and must clean all equipment before we ship it to customer mine sites. We use Sioux pressure washers everyday to clean components and large units. Before, when we used competitive models, the life of the pressure washer was only 2 years, so we switched to Sioux. We are really happy with Sioux. Our Sioux units do much better than our previous models especially when it comes to durability."

PT. EMECO/Prima Traktor Indonesia

"The equipment exceeds my expectations. I love the combination feature that provides steam cleaning and pressure washing all in one. The overall product quality couldn't be better!"

Rex S.


"With the addition of a Sioux water heater to my operation, I have been able to reduce my costs per yard by $3.00- $5.00 by reducing the amount of admixtures and cement that I was using before I had a water heater. The hot water provides a higher quality mix and plus I charge an additional $4.00 per yard so I've just increased my profit margins by at least 10% per yard!

Concrete Customer

"I have been a fan of Sioux steam cleaners ever since I first had the opportunity to use one in the late 1960's. The steam works excellent to degas tanks and degrease equipment."

Teddy S.

"The Sioux machine has performed well in the most extreme conditions. We love it and would definitely buy another one! We purchase Sioux because of Sioux's willingness to build to our exact specifications."

Preston V.

“We use Sioux Solution Heaters at Minera Santa Rita to maintain temperature during the Pressurized Zadra Process.  Using the Sioux Solution Heater, we can complete a process in 10 hours which would otherwise take 36 hours to complete. The Solution Heaters meet our safety requirements, are easy to operate and help us maintain our standards for process and conditions.”

Jose Robles, Minera Santa Rita

Sonora, México

We use a Sioux Low NOx SF-15 Steam-Flo with PLC to control up to 4 separate kilns. Before the Sioux Steam-Flo we were using propane fired heaters with misters and had no control over the temperature or humidity.  Now that we use the Sioux Steam-Flo we have control over both and have experienced a 35% increase in the early strength of our product from 2500 PSI to 3400 PSI, increased production and profits by 20%, and improved our quality, saving us an additional $2,500 per month.


Precast Concrete Customer

“We use our Sioux SF20 Steam Generator to pasteurize and sterilize ground beds in high tunnels and greenhouses. Our SF20 has allowed us to conduct research that we otherwise couldn’t. We utilize our research to educate growers on the benefits of steam pasteurization to increase their production while reducing labor cost. We are very satisfied with our Sioux equipment and our overall experience with Sioux.”

University of Illinois

Simpson, IL

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